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Thank you for wanting to get your professional facial services done here at Lovely Touch Studios. We utilize top of the line professional facial products to ensure that your skin is in the best condition! For the best skin care results, reserve monthly facial services.

Each service has an additional 10 minutes added for a mini-consultation.

Price & Service List

The Lovely Express


Looking for a relaxing experience but constantly working on a tight schedule or if you're on your lunch break from work and want a calming experience from the busy day? Then book the Lovely Express! This facial will help wake up the skin and have you feeling refreshed, relaxed, and restored! 

45 Mins

High Frequency Facial


Give your skin the antiseptic and healing it deserves. Our High Frequency Facial stimulates circulation, oxygenates the skin, and increases cell metabolism. This facial process has a warm feeling with a relaxing effect on the skin. Come and revive your skin today!

1 Hr & 25 Mins

The Lovely Facial


It's time to experience a facial that you'll remember forever! The Lovely Facial is all about reviving your skin while providing a relaxing massage your body. This experience will relax your facial muscles, stimulate blood and lymph circulation, help with muscle tone and much more!

1 Hr & 25 Mins

Hydrating Facial


Not sure why your skin is feeling dry, irritated, and dull? Come enjoy our Hydrating Facial that helps penetrate the skin and bring back the moisture it's lacking. This facial is all about ensuring that the skins moisture is boosted and improves the moisture balance within it!

*Hydrojelly Mask*  

1 Hr & 25 Mins

Clarifying Facial


Have acne, clogged pores, and congested skin? Come and clarify your skin with our Clarifying Facial. Our Esthetician formulates an acne/facial treatment specifically to those looking to take impurity's out for a more breathable, smooth skin! Give your skin the refreshing and clean feel it deserves! 


1 Hr & 25 Mins

Add - Ons

  1. High Frequency Machine - $15

  2. Hydrojelly Mask - $25

  3. Peels - $25

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