L a s h  E x t e n s i o n s

Lash Extensions are what you need in your life, and here at Lovely Touch Studios you'll know it! We utilize Professional Lash Extension products to ensure that you get the lash style that you're looking for. We offer Classic, Hybrid, and Volume Lashes at an amazing price with outstanding results. Please read the description and information below on our Lash Extension options in order to book the correct service.

Classic Lashes


$115 Full Set | $50 Refill


Classic Lashes are perfect for those looking for a more natural lash look. This style will give the effect that you're looking for but it is dependent on how many natural lashes you have to give a full effect.



*2 Hour Service depending on how many lashes you have | fill is a 1 hour service

Hybrid Lashes


$125 Full Set | $60 Refill

Hybrid Lashes are perfect for those looking for a more fluffy lash look. This style will give you a flare effect that's super flirty. Perfect the girl in-between natural and a little bit of a pop.

*2 Hour Service depending on how many lashes you have | fill is a 1 hour service

Volume Lashes


$150 Full Set | $75 Refill

Volume Lashes are perfect for those looking for a more dramatic/falsies lash look. This style will give your eyes all the drama and attention it deserves. Perfect the girl ready to make a statement when

she walks into a room.

*2 Hour Service depending on how many lashes you have | fill is a 1 hour service


Mini Refills - Half of the REFILL price. Can be booked as needed by client (30 Mins)

Makeup Removal - $10

Lash Extension Removal - $10 - $25

If you have Lash Extensions on from a Nail Salon (not all but some cases), we unfortunately won't be able to service a removal as they are not always the proper and certified Lash Extensions product. If you are certain they are using quality lash equipment, a quick IN-PERSON lash consultation is required before booking an appointment

If there is less than 50%+ of Lash Extensions left on your Natural lashes once it's time for your fill, it will be considered a Full Set. In order to prevent this, please send us a photo with your eyes looking up in order to determine if it is considered a Refill or not.


Policy & Conditions

Here are the Policies and Important Information you need to understand and know about your lashes in order to have the best retention;


1. Within the first 24-72 hours, please let me know if you have lost quite a few lashes in order for me to look at what's happening and fix them FREE of charge! Anytime after that, they will be handled at the price of a mini or a refill. Share a photo of your eyes looking up in order to determine if there is a true loss.


2. I offer a MINI lash fill that is for 30 minutes ONLY and it is half of the Refill price. A mini is offered at the discretion of the client and can be booked whenever they choose. Highly recommend for quick fill for family photos, vacations, etc.


3. Please understand your lash cycle. That is something that you have to watch for because it may be your natural lashes that are going through a Lash Phase and are ready to produce new lashes.


4. If you are ever unsure if you have 50% of lashes left on your eyes, please send me a photo 1 week prior to your fill appointment of you looking up so I can let you know if it's best to do a mini or you can keep your fill appointment 


5. If you come to your appointment with less than 50% of lashes left, you will be charged for a Full Set if I have the time available in my schedule to accommodate you or we can reschedule for a Full Set for a future date. If you choose to cancel your appointment once I let you know that your lashes aren't considered a fill, you will be charged 50% of the remaining balance.

6. If you have a Lash appointment scheduled and have to reschedule (especially close to your refill date) and it gets pushed out past your refill date and would cause you to have no lashes left, then your next appointment would be considered a Full Set. 


7. Most importantly, please wash your lashes. I now have in stock my very own Lash Baths that will be for sale soon, so please be sure you are at least using water or Micealler water and being very careful with your lashes. This causes them to fall out when they aren't properly cleaned.

Natural Lash Shedding

Naturally lashes shed daily. Many a day, up to even 4 in one day. Once your natural lash sheds, a new lash is replaced. This is totally natural and will require regular maintenance.


Wearing Mascara

Huge NO NO! Mascara will break down the bonds of the lash adhesive. It's extremely tough to remove from the lash extensions and causes the retention issues that you don't want! 


Oily Skin or Overly Active Oil Glands

Having overly oily skin can cause retention issues because it breaks down the lash adhesive. We recommend blotting papers for eyelids and regular lash washing.


Picking or Rubbing the Eyes

We all have the urge to rub our eyes at times, but it is important to be careful around the eye area with extensions. Excessive picking, brushing, or rubbing can cause loss of lash extension and your natural lash which we won't be able to add to if that occurs.


Sleeping Style

We all have different sleeping styles and sometimes in order to upkeep lash extensions, they are not always comfortable. If you sleep on your stomach or face, you'll face retention issues so it's important to find a style to keep your lashes on.


Not Caring for the Lash Properly

Please remember to remove dirt, debris, or oil from the lash extensions for the best retention. Not cleaning the lashes can invite infection or inflammation. Brushing your lashes should be done in the morning and after a shower and be sure your using gentle strokes. Here's a video to watch how to: youtube.com/watch?v=jZy5aMdQ-KI


Using the Wrong Skin Care Products

Using oil based skin care products is a BIG NO! This will break down your adhesive and make retention harder to obtain. Check your labels and be sure to have alternatives in place.



Thyroid medications can sometimes change the environment of the lash area. It can make the natural lashes oiler, dryer, or even brittle at times. When taking medication, please note that your lashes may respond differently to that. If you're taking vitamins for hair growth, please also know this may speed up your natural lash growth cycle and you may have to come in for fills sooner that original given timeframe. Pregnancy or menopause can change the lash environment also.


Getting Them Wet Too Soon

It's recommended that your lashes do not get wet for the first 48 hours because the adhesive is still curing to your natural lashes. Be aware of your workout schedule and where it falls within your lash schedule. Sweating after a lash appointment is not recommended! 


Seasonal Sheds

This one is definitely out of our control! If you have to move up your fills due to the weather conditions, then that is highly recommended. In extra hot, humid, dry, or extremely cold weather can cause issues! Coming in to see us more may just be what you have to do and we will be happy to service you in order to keep your lashes in tact!