Thank you for your interest in reserving an appointment with Lovely Touch Studios. To reserve an appointment please click the "Book An Appointment" button below!


  1. Must wear a face mask if you're being serviced for Waxing or Lash Extension Services

  2. If you are sick or come in with a cough/sinus issues, your appointment will be cancelled immediately



  5. Appointments must be booked online! NO WALK-INS

*For appointment Policy & Agreements please click the "Book An Appointment" button above.

For any additional questions,

please email




Thank you for wanting to book Lovely Touch Studios. At this time, Erica (owner) is on Maternity leave and not available for studio appointments. For Bridal inquires, please click the "Portfolio" tab and enter your Bridal information.

- Thank You!

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Q: How do I reserve an appointment?

A: The reservation process is really easy! Head over to the tab named "Bookings"! Go ahead and click there and proceed to book your appointment. If you're a bride, please hover the "Portfolio" tab, click on "Makeup/Lashes" and fill out the Bridal Form.

Q: Can I bring a guest with me to my appointment?

A: We most definitely don't mind if you bring a guest with you. We have a lobby area where the guest can be seated and wait for you to finish your service. Children are not permitted in the lobby area unattended and cannot be in the spa room where you will be serviced.  

Q: Are you available on Saturdays?


A: We are unfortunately closed on Saturdays. We are so sorry, but we are here to help with a list of professional MUAs that we trust to service you.


Q: What happens if I am a No-Show client?

A: Clients that no-show their appointments are charged a 50% fee from the service/s that they've scheduled. No-show clients are no longer able to book again with the studio due to the inconvenience for the service provider (Erica) and us not having that availability to give to a reliable client!

Q: Where are you located?


A: We are located in SalonPLEX in Fort Myers, FL which is in the South West Florida region.

Q: Do you provide on-site services?

A: Yes! We will absolutely travel to your location. There is a travel fee associated and there must be a party of 3 or more in order to receive on-site services. (Due to COVID-19 Guidelines, we are no longer servicing on-site unless for a bridal party)

Q: Can I just get my eyebrows and eyes done?

A: Here at Lovely Touch Studios, we believe in giving our clients the full makeup experience so we do not offer partial makeup services.

Q: Why is a Bridal Consultation important?

A: Bridal Consultations are a great way to get makeup services for special events prior to your wedding day. We advise brides to use the consultation for their Engagement photos, Bridal Shower, Bachelorette party, etc. We also utilize this time to get the look you're wanting for your wedding day as well as any important information.

Q: Do you have Bridal Packages?

A: We do have Bridal Packages options that are available and give you and your bridal party the opportunity to save some money.

Q: Do you take walk-in appointments?

A. We unfortunately do not have walk-in appointments available at this time. All appointments must be scheduled online in order to be serviced. 

Q: Can I still get a Refill on my Lash Extensions if there are less than 50%+ left?

A: Unfortunately, if there are less than 50%+ Lash Extensions left on your natural lashes, you will be considered a Full Set?

Q: Do you take Lash clients with Lash work done by a previous Lash artist?

A: We do not work on top of other Lash technicians work. Depending on the certain circumstances, we will allow you as a client (other lash tech moved away)

Q: Are you available for makeup appointments before/after business hours?

A: We do accept makeup appointments before/after our business hours. Fees do apply for these services and for more information, please send us an email..