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The Lovely Masterclass

Welcome to Lovely Touch Studios online Makeup Masterclass experience. Our online training is designed to assist Makeup Artists and Aspiring Makeup Artists alike. These classes are here to provide you with the tools to create flawless applications every time on your clients or yourself from the comfort of your home!


What's Included?

  • Learn how to create a Flawless Application on different Skin Tones/Shades 

  • Tips and Tricks from PRO MUA Erica

  • Full details and description of products used in each application

  • Information on skin concerns that your clients may have

  • Much More once you sign up below

Purchase Erica's Kit List and Recommendations

If you're looking to expand your current makeup kit, The Makeup Guide is here to help! Purchase this guide for just $10 and get full details from Skin/Base Products to Brushes and tools! There's even more information about ways you can save as a MUA with your license or even if you're non-licensed!


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